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This course can no longer be booked.

Buddhist Meditation Retreat

  • Ended
  • ඇමරිකානු ඩොලර්2,500

Service Description

Dive into the spiritual heart of Mongolia with a journey that opens doors to the country's deep-rooted Buddhist traditions. Buddhism, having woven itself into the fabric of Mongolian culture for centuries, offers a unique lens through which to experience this remarkable land. Our specially curated tour takes you to the serene settings of a Buddhist temple in the scenic Bayanhongor province, a place where tranquility and heritage merge. This immersive experience grants you the rare chance to learn meditation from the temple's resident monks. Meditation, fundamental to Buddhist practice, serves as a gateway to personal tranquility, heightened awareness, and a journey of self-exploration. It's worth mentioning that this practice welcomes all, regardless of religious background, focusing on meditation's universal benefits to human wellbeing. But the journey doesn't stop at meditation. You'll be invited to live alongside Mongolian monks, witnessing their sacred rituals, engaging in enlightening discussions about Buddhist principles, and understanding the moral foundation that Buddhism provides. From participating in traditional ceremonies to appreciating the temple's architectural elegance, and possibly even aligning with the monks' daily practices, this tour offers a holistic plunge into monastic life. Guests are encouraged to fully engage with this experience, whether through daily meditative practices or the melodic rhythms of Buddhist chants. Join us on this path of discovery, where the spiritual heritage of Mongolia unfolds in its most authentic and peaceful form.

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